Mark Your Calendars to Get Creative

by SummerHuggins • Posted in: Fundraising

Each month, Painting with a Twist in North Austin holds a special Painting with a Purpose event. They pick an organization or charity to highlight for the evening with a special painting and then donate 50 percent of their proceeds to that group.

On Sunday, May 20, Painting with a Twist will be hosting a special “Paint Your Pet” class, and we’re so pleased to be the recipient of their generosity this month.

If you don’t think of yourself as a painter, don’t worry! The talented and patient instructors will walk you through every step of your painting. It’s simple: Sign up for the class, email them a photo of the pet you’d like to paint (one per canvas), and then show up on the 20th. Grab a couple of friends and pack a snack!

“Painting with a Twist has donated hundreds of dollars to non-profit organizations such as Education First, Citizen Generation and Austin Humane Society,” said Manager Erin Wendel. “We are proud to partner with Austin Pets Alive! for our May 20th Painting with a Purpose event where the class will be painting pictures of their own pets.”

The funds donated to APA! from this Paint Your Pet evening will go directly to Louie’s Fresh Start Program.

Our Louie’s Fresh Start program provides behavioral rehabilitation and intervention support for dogs with significant behavior challenges. These dogs were not previously saved from euthanasia because they are harder to support and retrain which translates to more time and money. The funds will be used for training, professional evaluations, dog handling equipment, enrichment toys and whatever these precious pooches happen to need.

As you can see from my painting of my first puppy love, Bugsy, I’m no Picasso. But I sure have fun trying!