May Volunteer of the Month: Beckie Shafer

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: General, Volunteer of the Month, Volunteering

Each month, Austin Pets Alive! is thrilled to highlight one of our stand-out volunteers as the APA! Volunteer of the Month. This month we are excited to honor the exemplary work of our Bottle Baby nursery star, Beckie Shafer!Beckie1

Austin Woman Media and Austin Subaru provide Austin Pets Alive! the opportunity to run feature stories on our Volunteer of the Month in Austin Woman Magazine. To see the May 2013 feature on Beckie, please click here: APA! Volunteer of the Month, May 2013.

From the heart of Austin Pets Alive’s Neonatal Ward, take a look inside and you are likely to see Beckie with her arms full of kittens and her heart full of joy. Beckie trains new volunteers to help in the nursery, while attending the volunteer orientations to recruit new volunteers and fosters for baby kittens that are in their earliest days in Austin. Beckie’s impact has touched many lives, both human and feline, at Austin Pets Alive! and our co-volunteers and staff members sang about Beckie’s contributions…

“Beckie goes above and beyond. Last night, we had a feeder call in sick, and Beckie stopped what she was doing and came in. She fosters, she transports, she does all of our training, and she holds it together. She’s also the fun side of the nursery, bringing the volunteers together too! She is unity for the team and encourages others to give what they have.” – Casandra Mensing (APA Neonatal Program Manager)

“When I bottle fed in the nursery, there was one time that I had kitttens feeding and I was actually afraid of needles. I kept hoping and hoping she would show up to help me…and thank goodness she did. She is dedicated and has done a lot to help our Bottle Baby Program. And she makes it fun! She also makes it fun for the volunteers at orientation… She talks to all of the kittens in a hilarious voice, and tells them what she is about to do, just in case the kittens understand. She’s so great.” – Wendy Salter (Cat Adoptions Manager)

“Beckie is amazing because I have never seen her deterred by anything medical, or by any problem a kitten or foster might have. And that goes with ringworm too! I love her so much!”- Brittany Dellaglio (Ringworm Ward Manager)

“Beckie trained me at the beginning of last year, and even at 6am, she is so much fun! She can see the humor in any situation here, and just finds a way to help and look at kittens in a way that tugs at the heartstrings. I remember that she helped coordinate the move from Manchaca to here..she made everything easier, helping sick kittens, new kittens, you name it. If you walk in the Neonatal Ward and she’s already there, you say, ‘Oh great!’ because the answer to any question, she’ll have.” – Tina McCarthy (Bottle Baby Feeder)

Thank you BecBeckie2kie for everything you do! Congratulations on your award and feature in Austin Woman Magazine. You undoubtedly deserve recognition for all of your hard work and dedication. All of the pets and people of Austin Pets Alive! are better because of you and your dedication to making a difference in our lives!