May Volunteer of the Month: Gloria Hudson

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Volunteer of the Month, Volunteering

Congratulations to May’s volunteer of the month – Gloria Hudson, Bottle Baby Rescue Manager! Thanks to Gloria’s dedication, more than 700 kittens and moms have been saved so far this year.

Here are a few of the testimonials to her hard work.

Gloria spent the last year as a bottle baby feeder in the neonatal nursery, and a kitten foster, but this year she has really stepped up. Gloria is now the rescue coordinator for bottle baby kittens. She gets the calls from shelters that there are kittens with a life & death deadline. She coordinates with the Nursery Manager to assess room, and has the daunting task of potentially saying “no” if there is no room for more kittens. Not only that, but she also coordinates transport for the babies. This is an immense amount of pressure, but Gloria handles the volunteer position with gusto, compassion and a positive attitude. She is perfect for this position, and is doing a stellar job. – Shorey Russell

Gloria is this year’s Bottle Baby Rescue Manager and has done an AMAZING job so far!! We are so grateful to her for stepping in to take on this hugely important and stressful job within the BB Team!! – Hawley Layton

She is the volunteer rescue manager for the bottle babies and is great at her position! – Casandra Mensing

From everyone at APA!, thank you, Gloria!