#NamingPetsChallenge: Name a Pet at APA!

by Lindsey Picard • Posted in: General

Looking for a creative gift for a friend or family member? A unique Father’s Day present, or something just for fun?

As a part of our #SavingPetsChallenge, we are announcing the Austin Pets Alive! #NamingPetsChallenge! It costs ~$100 to intake an animal at APA!, so a donation of $100 earns you the chance to name one of the hundreds of animals that APA! saves every month.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Donate a minimum of $100 through the widget below by Sunday, May 28 at midnight. Please note that animals will be named in the order donations were received!
  2. Receive an email from the APA! Team. Further instructions and a request for names will be included.
  3. Choose whether you’d like to name a dog or cat.
  4. Send us your top three names. 
  5. Receive a certificate that includes the name APA! will be using. Our team will assign one of your name choices to a new animal at the shelter.
  6. Receive a photo of the animal you named!

A few things to know: 

  • It’s up to APA! to determine the actual animal based on who arrives at the shelter. We cannot take breed, color, gender, etc. requests.
  • We ask that you provide options because we cannot have more than one animal from each species with a certain name at our shelter.
  • Please note that due to a number of factors, like unpredictable animal intake rates, we are not able to provide an exact timeline for when your name will be used. But we will be working hard to name animals in as timely a manner as possible! Because we cannot guarantee that you’ll receive a photo of the animal you named by a certain date, we suggest you use the certificate for any gifts.
  • APA! cannot guarantee that animals, once adopted, will retain their given names. Adopters reserve the right to change the name of adopted animals.

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