Taylor is Back in Black

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Adoptions, Awareness/ PR, Pets Needing Homes

Meet Taylor! He is one of the black-colored cats and dogs (50% or more black) we are showcasing this month as part of the “Back in Black” adoption special where these wonderful animals have a reduced adoption fees of $50.

Taylor, affectionately called TayTay by our volunteers and staff, is the definition of “don’t judge a book by its cover!” He has had a rough past living on the streets, but is now the most loving housecat anyone could ask for. He is a solid black cat with a slightly scruffy appearance and only two teeth! Because of this, when he is very happy his little kitty tongue sticks out of his mouth. Don’t worry about him eating with only two teeth though, he eats dry food and will eat all the wet food you put in front of him, then ask for more, he has a very healthy appetite

Taylor is a very sweet kitty and wants to be loved on all day. He will lay in your lap and make biscuits for hours if he could, and if you stop petting him he will give head butts demanding for more. Taylor even loves to be held and carried around all day long! He does play with some toys, but definitely prefers to be cuddled. He seems to have had a great transition to being a house-lap cat and has good scratching manners.

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One old habit he did keep, however, was his dislike of his fellow kitties – Taylor needs to be the only cat in his house. He hasn’t been around dogs so we are unsure about how he would feel about them. He also hasn’t been around children, but since he is so sweet and loving to humans he would probably be just fine with them. He definitely wants to be an indoor only cat, he has had enough of the outdoors and the poor guy has battle wounds and scars to prove it. He does have some dog like qualities as well, he likes to follow you around the house, up and down, room to room. He is a very loyal kitty.

Taylor will be great for a home without other pets that wants an affectionate companion. He will give a cute little meow when he wants attention, and you will find it hard to stop giving it!! He even likes being groomed, its one way to make sure his pink tongue sticks out