The Amazing Coco

by lindsaymccay • Posted in: Fundraising, General, Pets Needing Homes

No, APA hasn’t started rescuing rats, this ridiculously cute puppy’s name is Coco Baby, and she is only 1lb! She was dropped off at the shelter where she had a bad case of parvo. For those of you who don’t know, parvo is a virus dogs get if they aren’t vaccinated that is often times deadly. Fortunately for Coco, Dr. Jefferson picked her up from the shelter and gave her treatments (including medicine every hour to keep her blood sugar up all through the night!), and now Coco is doing fantastically and has tested negative for parvo!

We are so glad Coco is doing well, she is so cute and such a fighter. Parvo is a very sad disease that is completely preventable with proper vaccinations, and unfortunately costs APA a lot of time and money to treat. If you could please donate some money to help APA save more dogs like Coco, we would really appreciate it!

Coco is available for adoption by the way! For information on where she will be every day you can go here.

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