Theodore: the special kitten with a big heart

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Theodore is a special 9mo old kitten that needs a very special home. Ideally he would be adopted by someone who works at a vet clinic because of his needs (so tell your vet and vet tech friends about him!), but could go to any home that is willing to do the work necessary to keep him healthy and happy. 

He has hydrocephalus – a disease that causes fluid to build up in his skull and puts pressure on the brain. In a normal kitty fluid drains from the brain through the spinal column and fluid levels are maintained to prevent excess pressure on the brain. In a kitty with hydrocephalus the fluid doesn’t drain properly, and/or the body produces too much fluid, causing too much fluid in the skull. If left untreated, an animal (or human) with hydrocephalus would die rapidly.

The good news is that this genetic defect can be managed and treated, and Theodore can have a relatively normal life despite his disease. His current treatments include medication to help prevent seizures (caused by the increased pressure), and occasionally removing fluid from the skull with a needle. These measures are only temporary – they don’t address the underlying condition. The true treatment would be a surgery to place a stint that would drain the excess fluid out of the skull and into the stomach where it could be digested and eliminated. This would reduce the pressure in the skull and should alleviate most symptoms. The problem is, the surgery might not last permanently – the cerebrospinal fluid is thick and has materials that can clog the stint. So sometimes cats that get a stint will need it replaced every few years, and the surgery costs about $1,500.

Some people might suggest that Theodore’s extensive problems would be cause for euthanising him. Spend just 5 minutes with Theo, and you will change your mind. Despite the occasional seizure and eye infections that come with having a head so large, Theo is a wonderfully happy cat. He is sweet, purrs non stop, wants affection and attention at all times, and is truly a wonderful cat. Everyone that meets him falls in love, and he is really an amazing, playful, happy kitten. He has defied all odds, and it is time that he gets a forever home that can give him the treatments he needs to live a long and happy life.

If you are interested in Theo we would be happy to talk to you more about his condition and about the care he will need throughout his life. Please email email hidden; JavaScript is required for more information.

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