Update: Arizona and Alabama

by shoreyr • Posted in: Awareness/ PR, Donations, Foster, Fundraising, Rescue, Special Needs Pets

As first mentioned in a previous post, these kittens were rapidly deteriorating and reduced to skin and bones in their struggle to survive. We are glad to report that they are eating on their own, gaining weight, and playing with the other foster kittens. After several days of force feeding and receiving high-calorie food supplements, the kittens began to have more energy and an interest in food. They were still quite thin, but would tote around large, round bellies after mealtimes. They are still separated from the other foster kittens 2-3 times a day for extra meals where they don’t have to compete for their share, and they are still weighed frequently to ensure they continue to gain weight.

They even received a real bath from a momma cat also in the foster home, and enjoyed “nesting” with the other kittens. 

So overall, the kittens are doing quite well. In just one week, Arizona has gone from 208 grams to 360 grams; Alabama from 270 grams to 375 grams. They are still about 200 grams below where they should be for 5 week old kittens, but they are headed in the right direction, and are surprisingly healthy, otherwise (no infections, no digestive issues, etc.).

We’ll continue to keep you posted on their progress. If you’d like to contribute to the care of kittens in our program that may be struggling, please click HERE.

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