Update on Coco Baby

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Adoptions

Coco Baby was adopted on Thursday.  Below we have an email from her new family.  But first, here is a video of Coco Baby in her foster home with her pals.


“She is doing great!  With Tim and I being home all of the time she gets almost constant attention and beats up on my other (much larger) Chihuahua.  Rocky is adjusting though and loves having someone to chase him around!  When my kids sit on the floor she will run right up to them and make herself at home in their laps, she actually seems to love everyone that comes over to visit, she is just the sweetest puppy.   She seems very healthy, very active, eats a ton! And her skin has pretty much cleared up before the fist weekend was over.  I actually had to leave her home alone for the first time today for a hour or so and I felt so guilty!  I think she just slept the whole time though and was really happy to see us when we got home.  Normally if I set her down she just follows me through the house and makes sure I am not going anywhere without her!  I can see how getting housecleaning done with her around can be a challenge, I am learning how to do everything with one hand!”

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