Volunteer Dog Pick: June!

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Foster, Pets Needing Homes

You may remember the fabulous Juney Juniper from the video showing off her amazing frisbee catching skills!  June can also catch balls, sticks, toys…you name it, she’s got it!  In fact, take this smart beauty for a walk and she is likely to find exciting souvenirs like a baseball someone lost in the lake or the tennis ball a less dedicated fetcher left at the park.

Speaking of walks, June is lovely on a leash and taking her out on the trails or just for a neighborhood stroll is exactly what spending time with a dog should be; relaxing, fun, and a chance to discover new things with a great friend.  June truly is a very smart girl and knows loads of good skills like sit, down, drop it, & come.  She could probably learn a few hundred more without breaking a sweat!

The first impression a lot of us had when we met June is that she doesn’t belong in a shelter.  No dog does, but there’s something about June that just makes you envision this girl relaxing on a cool living room floor or playing with her people in the backyard.  She is an exceptionally loving, smart dog who belongs in a home.  She’s truly meant to be a companion animal…part of a family.

Not only does June have a dedicated following among APA! volunteers and staff, she comes to our trail site on the lake every weekend where she has fans who show up just to walk, swim (did we mention June LOVES to swim?!), and play especially with her.  June is too sweet and modest to brag so we’ve put together some quotes from just a few of the people who love her:

“June is such a beauty! Every day that I see her, she reminds me that we all need to squeeze some playtime into each and every day. I love her zest and energy and desire to grab a friend and enjoy the sunshine with a game of fetch. She’s going to be such a loyal and playful companion to someone out there.” -Summer Huggins, APA! B&E Volunteer, Dog Walker, and Photographer

“Play with June once, and she will always remember. Forever after, every time she sees you, she’ll greet you with “Wanna play fetch?”-Rob Thurlow, APA! Dog Adoption Site Volunteer and Program Coordinator

“Having been her chauffeur to the trail, I can tell you she does great in the car!  She loves to look out the windows and will sleep on return if tired.   She gets excited when she recognizes a bag of treats and knows lots of good ways to earn them.  She loves toys and playing catch.  If you need to practice throwing (or hitting tennis balls), she will wear you out before you can wear her out.  Her sweet brown eyes will convince you to throw the toy “just one more time” a thousand times over.” -Kim Waters, APA! B&E and Trail Site Volunteer and Foster

You can also view June’s feature length film, aka her adoption video, HERE!

We would really like to get this wonderful girl out of the shelter and into a home.  If you are interested in adopting Ms. June, please email email hidden; JavaScript is required!  If you are able to foster our professional fetch player until she finds her forever people, please email email hidden; JavaScript is required!   You can also check our website to see where this genius beauty is spending the day and head over to meet her!

*Follow June and other awesome APA! dogs like her on Giving Dogs a Fresh Start!

*Photos and adoption video by Summer Huggins!  *June catches the frisbee video by Kelly Sloan!

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