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Athena is a special-needs dog with a mysterious past. Athena and another dog were left in TLAC’s care.  The other dog was adopted immediately, but Athena was more difficult to place. Athena had a “dead tail” and due to an unknown injury, she had some damaged muscles and nerves.

Despite her injuries and disability, Athena has maintained her sweet disposition and gentle manner both with people and other dogs. She currently lives with a foster family whose members love her and keep her warm, clean, and happy.

See what her foster home has to say about her:

Athena has overcome a lot and now is in need of your help.  While she has a mysterious past, we do know that she was not well socialized in her previous life.   Poor Athena is scared of strangers and needs some professional training help to work on her fears.  Please consider supporting Athena through her training so she can learn that people are fun and loving, not scary!

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