Babies Need Fosters!

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The Bottle Baby Program has some great kittens in care right now, and our trailer is full! We love a full trailer because the “machine” that is our volunteer team is amazing to see in action. Transporters are notified of new kittens and spring into action to pick them up from the shelter at a moment’s notice (saving lives), intake volunteers get the care charts in order and name the kittens (always fun), and then feeders rally and sign up on our calendar to keep kittens warm, safe, and their bellies full (crucial & rewarding). All the while, our foster coordinator is working arond the clock to recruit, screen, and schedule foster pickups. Only THEN can we pull more kittens. Our trailer is only so big!

Here are some kittens that need foster homes immediately:

Portia, Pablo & Pancho – These kittens are 4 weeks old and eating “gruel” (canned kitten food mixed with water) and should be fed at least 4x per day and weighed daily with a digital scale. Weighing them regularly is a great way to monitor growth. They’ve already received vaccinations when they were at the shelter, so will need boosters in 2 weeks, and then spay/neuter when they are 8 weeks old & 2 lbs. All medical care is provided for APA! rescues at no charge to the foster.

KC & Kenny – These 8 week old silver tabby kittens were pulled from the shelter with nowhere to go! So, the Bottle Baby team offered up available space since they are technically older than actual “bottle babies.” They are really too old to be confined to such a small crate, and will thrive in a home. They need to be fed wet kitten food/kibble 3x per day, and have some medications already prescribed that need to be administered (with oral syringe). They are a bit underweight, but as soon as they hit the 2 lb. mark and are finished with their meds, they can be neutered & then are adoption-ready!

Lulu & Ninja – Lulu is all black & getting spayed this week. She’s a bit older than Ninja, but as two singletons sitting in separate crates side-by-side, they just begged us to be put together. They are fast friends. Lulu’s a bit talkative, and Ninja’s quiet but playful (read: stealth-like). This pair will be a quick foster, so if you’re not in for the long-term, this could be the ones for you! They need to be fed 3x per day, with a safe place to play & romp, with frequent recovery time for naps.

Quantum, Quagmire & QT Pie – from separate litters, these lovelies have been combined into a family. QT Pie, the seal point (possible longhair) is a tad bit older at 5 weeks. They, too, are eating gruel and need to be fed 4x per day, weighed regularly, and need all the toys and safety to enjoy their kittenhood while they grow. And yes, sometimes kittens are messy.

If you are interested in fostering any of these kittens, please complete the foster application form online today! You can also join any area of the Bottle Baby Program: transport, feeding/intake, foster placement, scheduling, laundry, and more to be part of this amazing team. Every volunteer, in any capacity, helps us save more kittens!!

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