Bottle Baby Nursery T-Shirt Contest

by Sara Hyder • Posted in: Donations, Events, Fundraising, Volunteering

It’s that time of year again! Every year, volunteers of the Bottle Baby Nursery Program at APA! vote on a t-shirt design that will be the new bottle baby shirt for the year. All designs are submitted by volunteers!

This is what the back of the shirt will look like:


Below are the submissions for the front of the shirt. It’s $1 per vote ($10 minimum) and whichever design collects the most money will be printed. Click on the progress bar next to each design to vote for that specific design. Voting will end midnight on Wednesday, June 10th. Let the voting begin!

T-Shirt Submission 1:

Brigade  Online fundraising for T-Shirt Design 1 - Brigade


T-Shirt Submission 2:

Group  Online fundraising for T-Shirt Design 2 - Group


T-Shirt Submission 3:

  Online fundraising for T-Shirt Design 3 - Keep Calm


T-Shirt Submission 4:

Love  Online fundraising for T-Shirt Design 4 - Love


T-Shirt Submission 5:

  Online fundraising for T-Shirt Design 5 - More