digital-dinG productions

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Awareness/ PR, Partnerships

We are excited about a new partnership with digital-dinG productions. They are going to be making pro bono videos to help us spread the word about our great pets. In addition, they are currently leading in the Intuit’s Love a Local Business contest and plan to donate 10% of the $25,000 prize ($2,500) to APA if they win.

Please head over to the Intuit voting page and cast your vote for digital-dinG productions!  Voting ends tomorrow, June 30th!

2 Responses to "digital-dinG productions"

  1. Scottsays: June 30, 2011 at 10:25 am

    This is awesome news! Videos will be a great way to showcase the animals and create awareness in our community. Let’s make Austin a “no-kill” city!