Feral Cats Need Homes, Too

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PennyDuring kitten season Town Lake Animal Center receives several feral female cats along with their litters of tiny adorable kittens.

Feral cats have had little to no human interaction and are wary of people. You can imagine the shock these cats experience in a crowded noisy shelter and then afterward when caring foster parents bring the brood home.

It is difficult to transform a feral from frightened and untrusting into a cuddly lap cat but her kittens have a better chance. Early interaction with her babies ensures that the kittens will bond with humans and they can soon be adopted out to loving families.

But what about Momma? After she is spayed all her babies have gone to their forever homes what will become of her? She has provided several families with little furry friends for life and she deserves to be cared for too.

SukiFerals may not be your typical house cats but they have similar basic needs like the ball of fur curled up on your couch at home. Feral cats need a safe environment to comfortably live out their lives with daily fresh food and water, shelter and routine medical care and vaccines. Since most ferals prefer living outdoors they adjust well to life on farms or homes with a few acres of land so they may safely roam. When first introduced to their new home ferals should stay in some sort of enclosure for about four weeks in order to acclimate to their surroundings.

A couple of our ferals Penny and Suki, have been living indoors and will allow their fosters to pet them. These cats will most likely always be shy and sensitive cats but with patience and daily interaction they may make great quiet, loving house cats. We also have a few other ladies like Chrysanthemum who would be better suited to outdoor living. If you think you can provide a safe home for one or more of these mothers send an email to email hidden; JavaScript is required.

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