Holmes, Sweet Holmes

by JessiFreud • Posted in: Adoptions, Where are they now

Some adopters are just special. They have that extra dose of compassion, patience and enthusiasm that makes them ideal for our dogs with special needs. Holly and Ryan are that kind of couple. And, their dog Holmes definitely needed pet parents who would be his advocate. Holmes came into our dog program with a complicated medical issue that had a domino effect of unresolved consequences. When Holmes was surrendered to one of our regional partners’ shelters, his tail was seriously injured. From what, we don’t know. But, the injury was so extensive, and severely infected, that amputation was the only resolution.

Fortunately for Holmes, Holly and Ryan stumbled onto his photo and story by accident, and instinctively knew he was meant for them. They were also naturally armed with the best attitude about caring for a dog with medical needs.

“Just because an animal requires special care does not mean they don’t deserve to live a full life with a family of their own,” Holly explained. I followed with a resounding, “Awww…Totally!” We absolutely agree. That is why we save pets, like Holmes, with significant medical needs because we know we can set them up to live lives full of potential, worth, and love.

Though Holly and Ryan figured out the extent of Holmes’s long-term needs “on-the-job,” they were energized, not overwhelmed.

“Months of figuring out the cause of his physical pain and our emotionally worriment brought us to where we are today: grateful parents of a now healthy and happy seven-year-old beagle,” both Ryan and Holly continued. Holmes was eventually diagnosed with incontinence-type complications from the accident that led to the amputation of his tail. Holmes needs Ryan and Holly’s help with things like to going to the bathroom and putting on a diaper. Luckily, Holmes rocks a diaper better than that baby in the E! Trade commercials. And, as Holly and Ryan put it, he is their “norm” and they would not change him one bit.

You can help dogs, like Holmes, find adopters, like Holly and Ryan, by signing up to foster a medically-needy pet. Or, if you have a heart as big as Ryan and Holly’s and are interested in adopting a dog with special needs, please learn more about George Oscar Bleuth, Ringo, Sugar, Fannie, and Eeyore.