June Volunteer of the Month: Jessi Freud

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Volunteer of the Month, Volunteering

Meet our June volunteer of the month, Jessi Freud! A multi-tasker galore, Jessi has been a true asset to nearly every team at APA! (as you can see from the submissions about her below), and she will be missed when she moves to Florida to attend law school next month. Thanks for everything you’ve done for APA!, Jessi, and bonne chance!

Jessi works hard in multiple areas, and does so with great ability and love. She writes blog posts, promotes APA!, fosters bottle babies as well as adult dogs, takes dogs to training classes (often at personal expense), holds down a walking shift, assists with rescue, and shares her affection for her favorite dogs in a fun and inspiring way. She will be greatly missed when she returns to Florida! – Andy Loomis

She is one of the most dedicated volunteers there is. Jessi will come at 8:00 to tlac and make sure every single dog goes for a walk. She makes sure all the animals has a clean pen, a toy, a full water bowl and a blanket. She also fosters bottle babies, pregnant mothers and behaviorally challenged dogs. She drove all the way to Kansas to save one of our behavioral challenged dogs. Not only does she donate her time she donates her money; she put together beginner bottle baby baskets for all new bottle baby fosters. She also helps pull dogs from the at-risk list. Its never about Jessi, it is always about the dogs and getting them adopted. Jessi will also be moving out of state soon and has not gotten the thanks she deserved. This would be an amazing opportunity to show her how thankful we are of her and that she will be missed. – Mary Bridge

Jessi is a saint to all dogs and people involved with APA. Jessi is always helping with the behaviorly challenged long stay dogs and goes above and beyond with helping us make these dogs feel loved and comfortable during their time with APA. From giving them doggie spa days, taking them on field trips, to volunteering to take them to their training classes, Jessi is always there for our little behavior cases. She’s there for the staff too when we are having a busy day, you can always count on Jessi to walk in with coffe or a bundle of Veggie burgers for all the staff (and a few for the dogs too). I cannot tell you how many times my day has been improved by Jessi walking in the door. – Kelly Sloan

Jessi is amazing in everything she does! She takes dogs to classes weekly, often paying for them herself, transports dogs all over town, takes them for hamburgers, and often brings hamburgers for staff just to show love too. Jessi will take a dog home for a “sleepover” for me and allow her to deliver 9 babies at her house and then even hold on to them for 2 weeks while we searched for a foster!!! Jessi always has a smile on her face and a hug for whoever needs it (which I often do!). Jessi is the most caring and selfless person I know and I am amazed each day by everything she does! – Faith Wright