kgbdeals APA! Challenge

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Donations, Fundraising

Photo by Summer Huggins:

We have a challenge for all our amazing supporters (yes, that means you!).  As you may have heard, the daily deals site is donating $2 for every new sign up they get for the Austin deals.  For the month of May, we raised $4100!!  The best part is this amazing promotion has been extended through the end of June and they have given us the opportunity to raise up to $20,000.  That means we can still raise $15,900.

So here is our challenge to you:  first, sign yourself up and then get five of your friends/family members/coworkers to sign up as well.  If we all do this, APA will get the full $20,000!!  Tiney the very large dog is posing here with the $4100 check we received from kgbdeals – please help us so we can raise more for all his friends in the program who need our help.  Thank you!

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