Palm Valley Miniseries: In Pursuit of No Kill

by Hannah Horstman • Posted in: General

Our work at Palm Valley Animal Center (PVAC) continues, and I know that many of you are eager for an update!

I’ve got some exciting news! On May 22nd, the PVAC board took action to declare that PVAC/PAWS is now pursuing No Kill! The assistance that APA! has provided has given this community the right tools to not only hope for change, but to see change and the ability to continue to confidently move forward! Moments like this are exactly why the Maddie’s® Lifesaving Academy was launched – to provide knowledge to communities who want to take steps toward, and achieve No Kill! We had a luncheon to celebrate with staff and invited the press to come out so we could publicize the good news.

Transfer support:

Making contact, creating relationships and asking help from other rescues who are able to take animals into their care is extremely impactful in the number of lives saved at PVAC. Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen some great movement on that front.

In a previous update, I spoke of a budding relationship with the Helen Woodward Animal Center; this group pulled 24 puppies and 1 adult dog, which was a huge help to our programs.

On May 16th, we were notified that Tulsa HSUS would take 50 dogs again.They ended up receiving 54 dogs and 10 cats/kittens that Friday!

May 18th was a big day for us! Not only did the above mentioned 64 animals head to Oklahoma but we also flew 5 adult cats and 10 kittens out to Soul Dog Rescue in Denver. More recently, 14 more cats were flown to Denver’s Twice Purrfect Feline Rescue.

In order to support these life-saving flights, we’ve created chips-in to fundraise for the airfare and the rescue groups that are receiving the animals have purchased the necessary special crates, then mail the crates back to us so that we may reuse them for the next rescue flights!

The below numbers represent a small snapshot of the major movement taking place here!

From January 2017 to May 2017, the transfer numbers were as follows:
Cats: 159
Dogs: 2348

This year, our YTD numbers are as follows:
Cats: 1114
Dogs: 2973

Facility and Program Updates:

We have opened up Kitty Corner which consists of 4 rooms full of kittens that are available for adoption or rescue at PAWS.

The board members pitched in and purchased 16 mom and kitten condos which have arrived at PAWS. These condos have been put together in the Boardroom and already have mom and kitten tenants!

We have begun showcasing long stay dogs up front at PAWS for one week, and offering a waived adoption fee in order to help get our long stay dogs into homes. While being showcased at the facility, we’ll also market the pets on Facebook and other social media in order to call attention to them. This new program has proven successful thus far. Since we’ve begun this program, 11 long stay dogs have found their forever homes!

While there are still improvements to be made, this team is making huge strides in establishing a safe place for animals in need. Declaring a mission to reach No Kill means signing on to hard work – work that is worth it because that means giving animals a chance at life. The support this community has received from rescue organizations from near and far has proven to be an MVP in the number of lives saved; maintaining these relationships, along with establishing and building new ones is a top priority! We’ll also continue to need support from community members – adoptions, fosters, and donations are all important ways individuals can get involved and all have a huge part in creating No Kill!

When people come together, we can make a huge difference for those with no voice. Sending a huge thanks out to Best Friends Animal Society for funding my position at PVAC so together with this community, we can make important, life-saving changes!

Until next time,