Platinum Volunteers

by Kristina • Posted in: Organizational, Volunteering

PlatinumTee2APA! wouldn’t exist without our tireless, dedicated force of volunteers.  You may have read our recent post, Reason Number 453 Why We Love Our Volunteers, and gotten a glimpse of exactly how our team bands together in a crisis situation to create the best possible outcome for our furry friends.

There is a very special subset of our volunteers which deserve some special recognition – our newly dubbed

Staff with Midtown and Espree

Platinum Volunteers.  The Platinum Volunteers are those that have been with APA! continuously volunteering for at least two years.  Considering APA! has only been in animal rescue for a mere five years, that’s a long time!  The volunteer work can be tiring, inspiring, dirty, and most of all, rewarding.

The volunteers that have been with us for two years have seen us move in and out of our first facility in South Austin, helped us move in to the Town Lake Animal Center, spent countless hours feeding bottle baby kittens and walking dogs, and laughed (and maybe even cried a little) alongside fellow volunteers – all in the name of saving lives.

platinum screen grab

Sometimes at APA! we get so caught up in our life-saving work that we forget to pat each other on the back.  This time around, thanks to our friend and sponsor Walk Your Dog, we were able to provide each Platinum Volunteer with a special t-shirt recognizing their ongoing service.

Thank you to Walk Your Dog for helping us celebrate our volunteers, and thank you to our volunteers (both Platinum and soon-to-be-Platinum) – the thousands of dogs and cats whose lives has been saved appreciate you!