Spay/neuter program cuts proposed

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From Emancipet’s website:

The City of Austin is facing a budget shortfall, and difficult decisions must be made about which services are most valuable to the Austin community. There are several proposed budget cuts for animal services, but the one of most concern to Austin’s animal welfare leaders – including the ASPCA, Emancipet, Animal Trustees of Austin, and Austin Humane Society – is the proposed cuts to the City’s free sterilization and vaccination program offered through Emancipet.

APA! agrees with the organizations listed above that there are other cuts that could be made instead of cutting spay/neuter services that would result in less animals killed.  We have finally seen progress in the decease of intake numbers due to spay/neuter and know that cutting these services would mean a reversal in that trend.

Learn more at Emancipet’s website. Sign the petition and go to the town hall meeting tonight to voice your opinions.

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