Spotlight on Seniors

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Awareness/ PR, Pets Needing Homes

The Austin Pets Alive! Cat Program has some amazing senior felines available for adoption. The events that lead these cats to APA! are sometimes heartbreaking but we are so glad that their twilight is filled with hope and a chance.

Scruffy- she is a 14 year old medium-haired black beauty. She was surrendered by her owner after a move to a pet-free apartment. Her previous owner reported that she rarely played with toys and preferred to hide; however, Scruffy’s foster has discovered that she does, in fact, like to play with toys! Scruffy is shy, but she also just experienced significant and unexpected change. She will gradually warm up to her new family, she just needs to find the perfect people out there to adopt.

Misty – she is a 14 year old declawed Siamese with piercing blue eyes. She was surrendered to the shelter by her family when they moved and couldn’t bring her along. This traumatized the poor girl, and it has taken a little while for her to warm up. After some time and patience she likes to be pet, and will hang out with you on the couch, as well as sleep at the foot of the bed. She isn’t a lap kitty, but definitely a companion. Like any of these older cats, she will need a patient new family that will show unconditional love.

Maria – she is an 11 year old Lynx Point Siamese (Siamese with a few stripes). Maria prefers to be the only cat in her golden years, though she will tolerate other cats as long as they don’t get in her personal space too much. Maria is calm and sweet, loves to nap, and as a Siamese mix is a bit of a talker. Maria has an over active thyroid which requires medication, but it is well-managed. She’s also been on a food trial with a newly released thyroid food with great success.

Maribelle – at 12 years old, this gal is happy to be alone and snoozing during the day, but at night she would like to sleep in the bed with you. In fact, she is the cuddliest at night, and you might even wake up to find that she has stolen the pillow from you! She is a sweetheart who accepts petting anywhere, no worries about having any off-limit areas. She isn’t crazy about being brushed but tolerates it because she knows it keeps her long, silky black fur and fluffy tail looking gorgeous – she may be 12 but she still takes pride in her appearance!

We are in the throes of a high-volume kitten season, but we know there are many adopters out there who would prefer a quiet, sleep-through-the-night, mature cat to bring home. APA! also offers a “Seniors for Seniors” discount program where APA! will waive the adoption fee for all animals at least 8 years old for adopters over 60 years old.  In fact, we just had two 17 year old cats adopted under this program! For all other adoptions, cats and dogs 8 years and older have just a $25 adoption fee. We have many other 10+ year old cats awaiting homes. For more information on any of these kitties, please email email hidden; JavaScript is required.