Update: Louie!

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Where are they now

The APA! handsome hearthrob Louie went home in April after six months with APA! Louie was one of our first “Fresh Start” dogs and pretty much defined the development of our behavior program. After a month at home with his new family, we were able to get a lengthy update on how well Louie is doing at home, and he clearly loves being at home with the perfect humans for him!

The reason we were looking for a dog was because we had lost our 5-year old Rottweiler to epilepsy in January 2011, and felt it was time to fill the void. We had met some other dogs at APA!, but none were quite as interested in us and we fell for Louieís charm and personality instantly. He was quick to run up to us and give big puppy kisses or it may have been the small amount of lunch that dripped into my goatee. Nonetheless, we were definitely happy to spend time with him during our visits at APA!

Louie was a tad bit of a challenge at the beginning. He is definitely hard-headed and liked to use his mouth for attention but with our love, strong will and patience, we managed to help him learn there are other methods to request attention and that good little pups get all the attention they could ever want. He was dubbed “knucklehead” by his buddy Brad at APA! and it suits Louie perfectly. He’s truly a lug and just needed a home with some big boys to roughhouse with and not leave anyone injured. Also, Louie completed his Adult Basics and Companionship course at The Canine Center for Training and Behavior, which taught him to have good manners, how to behave in situations, and ask for things politely.

Each time we come home weíre greeted with hugs and kisses. Heís always excited to see us when we walk in the door and heís sad when we have to leave. Sometimes we take him to dog-friendly stores for outings and heís happy to mingle with the people at the pet store or the home improvement store. Heís also learned that if heís good, there are treats waiting for him at the checkout line.

He enjoys fun in the sun in either the back or front yard depending on his mood, the weather, the day. Heís definitely ruler of his domain and keeps the yard free of squirrels that try to invade his territory. He also enjoys playtime of tug, chasing the ball, or playing thru the fence with Wrigley, the female Labrador next door thatís about the same age. He also plays his role in keeping the cat fit by providing a wagging tail target for Luke to come and play ìpounce and runî while in the house.

He enjoys a nightly stroll through the neighborhood where he’s made some friends and always has to stop for a quick chat along the way. Louie spends his weekend afternoons having a nap on his bed in front of the window and helping out with work in the office. In the evening he likes to have an ëafter dinner mintí by chewing a rawhide on the living room floor.

Louie’s been a welcome addition to the family, even the cat is happy to have him around. The folks at APA! were right on the money helping to match us up with Louie and weíre glad to give him his forever home.

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  1. bradsays: June 6, 2011 at 12:15 pm

    Thanks for the update. Louie has been by the building twice on his way back from training sessions. And each time we all saw a huge the smile on his face and how happy he is in his new home. Louie was just waiting for his perfect forever home to come his way. Thanks for taking him into your home and giving him the love and attention that he craves. He is a blessed dog.