Biggie and Smallz: Proving They Can Beat the Odds

by SummerHuggins • Posted in: Donations, Fundraising, Pets Needing Homes, Rescue

BigSmall1At just two days old, APA! took in two puppies, Biggie and Smallz. Although we first thought they were just normal bottle baby puppies who needed to be fed by hand for a few days, it was soon evident that Biggie and Smallz were suffering from neosporosis. Neosporosis is a parasite contracted from their mom during or even before birth. Without treatment for their condition, death was guaranteed.

Our Medical Team treated both puppies for this parasite and they were hand fed around the clock. Their foster mom, Animal Care Programs Director Faith Wright, could see them respond positively to treatment and care in a matter of days.

“On June 1, neither baby could hold their heads up, could not stand up, could not walk,” Wright said. “On June 3, just 48 hours after treatment started, they could stand up and could walk a short distance before falling over. They both could sit up and hold their heads up for roughly 5 seconds, it was so exciting!”

And within two weeks of starting treatment, Biggie and Smallz both began to eat on their own.

“I cried with excitement because without the ability to eat on their own, their lives could have been shortened,” Wright said. “Without APA! providing the babies with their meds, the babies would have likely passed away. Being able to eat on their own made their survival potential soar!”

These fighters will continue treatment until they can go two weeks free of signs of neurological impacts of the parasite. Neutering will also be put off due to the possible side effects of the anesthesia on their brains.

“I have fostered over 100 bottle babies and never watched two pups struggle so hard to live and fight with all their strength to overcome the obstacle in front of them,” Wright said. “Watching these boys go from puppies who could not hold their heads up, could not stand up, and could not focus to puppies that run through the doggy door, chase the other dogs around, and play non stop has filled my heart with so much love and admiration for their strength and determination.”

See these two in action:

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