Bottle Baby Progress Report – June 2010

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As of July 1st, we have cared for 402 bottle babies! (O5 litter featured here). The monthly breakdown is:

  • Jan – 5
  • Feb – 0
  • Mar – 57
  • Apr – 174
  • May – 96
  • June – 67 (plus 29 kittens older than 6 weeks)

This month, we were able to assist with the main Cat Program at APA! by opening up our Bottle Baby Trailer doors to kittens older than 6 weeks old…kittens with nowhere else to go. This allowed us to maximize our space, while saving 29 more lives and giving us time to screen new fosters and find home placements. Added up, this means we brought in a total of 96 kittens in June.

As a reminder, low cost spay/neuter surgeries are available through Animal Trustees of Austin and EmanciPET. We encourage the public to prevent unwanted animals by contacting these clinics.

If you do not spay your female cat and she has kittens, please remember that kittens are not able to feed themselves independently until they are at least 4 weeks old. It is critical that baby kittens receive their mother’s milk until they are a LEAST a month old (two, preferably). If you FIND a litter of kittens, we have a resource guide available for you.

Survival rate of our kittens has remained at 90%. The majority of losses have been for kittens taken to the shelter when they are too young. We have placed 50 kittens with nursing momma cats that are in our foster program since January.

And…142 of our kittens have already been adopted! (photo this month is of Frenchie from our F2 litter. Her new name is “Oona” which means “lamb” – and Lamb is her new last name!)

For every kitten that goes to foster, we have room for another at the Bottle Baby Trailer. And for every kitten adopted, we have room in APA! for another from TLAC.  We are closing in on a successful Kitten Season, which will start slowing down next month. Please support our efforts through donating, volunteering, adopting or fostering.

Hint: If you wanted to donate ONE thing in July, please consider either Safety Release Kitten Collars (6”), or Wire Crates we can use for adoption events, which can be delivered to our Bottle Baby Trailer on S. Congress at the corner of Gibson. You can also donate here for crates.

Can’t get enough of the bottle babies?  We’ve got our own facebook page and twitter account dedicated solely to them.

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