Cat cages needed!

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Fundraising

We’re in the middle of kitten season and our program is FULL of cats and kittens – almost 500 – and we need to get them adopted so we can pull more from TLAC.

Unfortunately, we are very low on cages (the wire crates) to house the cats at adoption events. We have fosters who want to bring their foster cats to the adoption events, but not enough cages to house them.

We could use 100 more crates, to accommodate weekends with lots of big adoption events.

If you have an extra wire create that’s in good condition which you don’t need, we could really use it!   Medium-sized cages are ideal, but we can use cages of all sizes.  All donations to APA are tax-deductible, whether monetary or actual items. You can drop crates at our Ohlen Road Petsmart location, the Bottle Baby Trailer at S. Congress and Gibson (here is a link to the times when we’re at those locations),  or can donate here to allow us to purchase more crates.

One Response to "Cat cages needed!"

  1. Amandasays: August 6, 2010 at 9:51 am

    I have a plastic bottomed/sided crate with window slits and a wire door. Does that count? It is actually for medium to large dogs. If you want it, let me know about how to get it to you. Address, time, etc. I have two of these and am willing to give away one, and LEND the other.

    I also have a small wire crate that I am not using right now, but ultimately I am only willing to LEND it for a few months, not give it. Sorry :-/