Kitten season’s final stretch

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: General

We’re coming into the home stretch of kitten season 2012.  So far, we’ve been able to keep up with all of the unweaned babies that came into the Austin Animal Center.

But we need one final push to make it through the last 6 weeks or so.

Can you foster some kittens?  If so, please sign up and we will get you started!

If fostering isn’t for you, perhaps you could donate toward the kittens’ medical expenses?  If so, you can donate online here.

Join the Bottle Baby Nursery Feeding Team

Another big way you can help is to bottle feed the kittens in the nursery at our building at TLAC. This is an extremely rewarding experience and we’d love for you to join our wonderful team. If you would like to volunteer in the neonatal ward, there are 3 things to consider:

1) Have you registered online as an APA volunteer?
Fill out an online APA volunteer application at this link.  It is required for anyone entering our premises whether to train or volunteer.

2) Do you have what it takes?

A) Feeding little kittens is very cute and extremely rewarding.
Just as with babies though, it requires some hard work as well. These little guys will purr and look up at you sweetly to thank you for saving their lives, but they can also get messy in several ways. Are you ready to deal with that part too?

B) Are you old enough? Age requirement in the NeoNatal Ward:
No one under 13 is allowed in the Nursery. Children between 13-16 can assist an adult family member feeder, but they are not allowed to feed the kittens themselves. Between 16-18, children can feed the kittens under the supervision of a trained adult. Anyone under the age of 18 must be capable of being gentle with the kittens as well as physically and emotionally capable, for the sake of the kittens. Sorry, no exceptions!!

C) Are you good at problem solving?
Things will come up in any environment like this. Our training will prepare you for the different situations and you will need to be able to think effectively on your feet.

D) Are you organized and an effective communicator?
We have a good-size team of diverse volunteers with different time schedules. We have specific channels of communication and organization patterns to keep our work running so well that need to be respected.

E) Are you physically capable of the lifting and bending involved in this environment?
If you cannot do these yourself, you are more than welcome to bring in a regular helper to assist you with those kinds of tasks.

3) Attend a 2-part training program to be able to join the Best of the Best!

  1. 2-hour training class with a master feeder. These sessions are scheduled several times during the month. You will see this month’s dates below and instructions for how to register for it. Here you will learn the basics. There is a lot, but don’t worry, you will have plenty of time to master it.
  2. 2 or 3 hands-on shadow experiences with experienced feeders. Here is where you put your new skills in action.

Once your Trainer establishes that you are ready to feed solo, you made it! You are then officially welcomed into our awesome team!

Got what it takes? Ready to go? Fantastic! See below to register for Part One of the training…
You will love this – we all do!!

Not quite sure? We have many opportunities for other types of activities that are essential to keeping our team top-notch. Reply to email hidden; JavaScript is required with your concerns and we will be able to find the perfect fit for you!

Here’s how to register for Part 1 of the training:

  • Choose ONE 2 hour slot from the list below.
  • Email email hidden; JavaScript is required with your first/last name, phone number, and the training date/time you would like to attend (please note if you are signing up more than one person, we will need ALL details for each person, even children)
  • Trainings fill up fast (space is limited), so you will receive a confirmation if your chosen time is available.

Please do not show up for a training without registering!

  • Monday August 27 (with Jenna): – 6pm to 8pm – FULL
  • Saturday September 1 (with Beckie): 9am to 11am – FULL
  • Sunday September 2 (with Jenna) – 11am to 1pm – FULL
  • Wednesday September 5 (with Morgan) – 6pm to 8pm – FULL
  • Thursday September 6 (with Beckie) – 6pm to 8pm – FULL
  • Sunday September 9 (with Morgan) – 11am to 1pm – FULL
  • Saturday September 15 (with Beckie) – 9am to 11am
  • Thursday September 20 (with Beckie) – 6pm to 8pm
  • Sunday September 23 (with Jenna) – 11am to 1pm
  • Friday September 28 (with Beckie) – 6pm to 8pm
  • Sunday September 30 (with Jenna) – 11am to 1pm

*** If these dates don’t fit into your schedule, no worries!! We will be adding more training times soon!!