Kittens Need Foster Homes (with Videos)

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The Bottle Baby trailer is FULL!! We are caring for a number of kittens and we need to find fosters for them so we can open up space to save more babies from the shelter.

First, we have our D6 Litter: Daffodil (seal point), Dewdrop (grey), Danny Zuko (grey) & Doug (brown tabby). These healthy kittens are estimated to be just over 2 weeks old and they are hearty eaters from the bottle every 3 hours and can go up to 6 hours overnight between feedings. We gave them some gruel (wet kitten food mixed with water) today to see what they would do and a couple of them bellied right up to the plate! So, it will only be a matter of time before they are ready to transition. A cute video of these kittens can be found HERE.

We also have our F6 Singleton: Frieda Kahlo featured in the photo above. She is a calico with a beautiful split face and white chin & feet. She’s about 5 weeks old and is eating like a champ! She is not showing any signs of the common kitty cold and appears very healthy. She will roll over on her back to let you rub her tiny belly! You can see a video of Frieda Kahlo HERE.

Frieda has been placed with our G6 Singleton: Gargomel who is all white with a grey spot on his head. This boy is between 4-5 weeks old and eating kitten food well. He’s playful & curious, and seems oblivious to the circumstances that led him to be an APA! rescue kitten. We love when kittens are so resilient. Video of Gargomel is HERE.

Next up is Gunther. He has unique coloring with a “black smoke” overlay on his coat. Gunther needs some TLC – he is underweight for being 5 weeks old (in fact, the shelter originally estimated him to be older than he actually is), and he’s been suffering from a kitty cold that is finally starting to break. He is a cuddler. He eats both wet kitten food and kibble, and he needs to eat more often than a typical 5 week old, simply because he’s underweight. He is taking antibiotics and is being nebulized 2-3 times per day to help his congestion. Kitties who can’t smell their food, don’t eat well. Are you up for being his foster to fatten him up? To meet Gunther, view a video HERE.

And finally, we have Kooshie! This gorgeous dark orange tabby is not actually a bottle baby – he’s estimated to be 9 weeks old. But, he is underweight and we gladly opened our doors to save his life. He’s congested, but seems to eat much better when you simply TALK to him!  He’s a supreme cuddler, purrs instantly, and is going to be a real loverboy heartthrob. Video of my new boyfriend…um, I mean Kooshie, can be found HERE.

To foster any of these kittens, please complete our foster application and indicate which kitten(s) you’d like to foster. To volunteer, visit our website.

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