Lebowski update!

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The big Lebowski (featured right in the photo above with his new brother, Squunz) was adopted recently.  (He did go to a foster-to-adopt home briefly a couple of months ago, but it didn’t work out because the cats in the new home really didn’t like him.  We’re told he’s a bit much for the poor cats.)  We received an update from his adopter that we’ve pasted below.  Thank you so much to his donors who made back surgery possible for him and to all of the volunteers who gave so much of their time to help him.

Lebowski had an ear infection when I  first received him, but has been on  medication for almost two weeks and is  doing much better- he is so much  happier now that it’s not irritating him!  He has also been less snappy and seems  to be settling into life with Squunz, my  other dog. They are inching closer to  full-on puppy cuddles, but sometimes still pretend like they don’t care about each other, although I feel  like in the next month this will blossom into a doggy bro-mance.

Lebowski’s legs are also improving, he’s developed more muscle now, so he doesn’t trip as often, and two  days ago he somehow managed to climb up some stairs -then got stuck and couldn’t get down- but that fact that he made it in one direction is encouraging. I feel like in a year he will probably look and act like a  ‘normal’ dog, and there won’t be any evidence of his back surgery.

Once his ear clears up completely I think we will try wading/swimming to help get his back legs stronger, but so far he’s been doing great just running around the house. He and Squunz have been getting along so well, I  definitely have zero regrets about adding a second dog to my family- Lebowski’s hilarious personality has  brought so much joy to both mine and Squunz’s life. We love him!

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  1. Jensays: July 12, 2010 at 9:24 pm

    Oh my gosh. What an adorable pair!!!! Congrats to Lebowski and his new family :-)