Our No-Kill Journey

by Rebecca Reid • Posted in: Awareness/ PR, Education, Rescue

There are two ways to look at no-kill:

  1. All healthy, treatable and rehabilitatable animals are saved from euthanasia
  2. 90% of animals are saved from euthanasia (making the assumption that approximately 10% of animals that make it to the shelter are not healthy, treatable or rehabilitatable.

Through the work of several animal welfare organizations across Central Texas, Austin has consistently saved more than 90% of the companion animals that enter the shelter system since February 2011 (averaging closer to 92%).

nokillThis live outcome rate depends heavily on fosters and quality adopters moving animals from a shelter into their homes, making space for other animals at risk of euthanasia. It also  relies on the cooperation and communication of rescue groups and city programs and shelters across Central Texas.

You often hear that no-kill is a journey, not a destination. This is because the life-saving work that animal welfare programs do is not as simple as “letting the animals live.” The staff and volunteers at Austin Pets Alive! work hard to provide the care and attention that treatable and rehabilitatable animals need. The lives we save are directly related to the space we have, the volunteers, fosters and adopters that support our animals and the donors that fund the many programs we operate.

This no-kill journey is not finite. We will all continue to advocate for the lives of the often overlooked dogs and cats that end up in our programs. And with the hard work, dedication and love of Austinites like you, we will Keep Austin No-Kill.

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