APA! Saves Puppies in Tragic Situation

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Know first — most importantly — that they are fine. They are survivors! Thanks to the volunteers and medical staff at Austin Pets Alive! these five little mixed-breed cuties are getting their chance at love and happiness, life and health. Their mother wasn’t so lucky after a tragic turn of events led to her life being cut short by her owner right before he took his own.

For days before this devastating event was discovered (of which we have few details except those facts, and these cute faces in our care), five young pups had to learn to fend for themselves mere weeks after their birth, even nursing from their mother until her lifeless body could offer no more nourishment. They were left in a home alone to also meet her fate. But these industrious pups made it out alive. They scrounged and scavenged. They survived. And they are safe.

In the saving arms of Austin Pets Alive!, these sweet and lovable pups have a chance to know that human kindness exists. They are sweet and trusting, even after all they have been through. Their road to recovery is just now beginning as we give them the nourishment they need, watch closely to make sure they do not break with parvo virus, and get rid of all the parasites in their system.


We are currently helping these puppies gain strength and we need you to help us find good, adopting families! If you can’t adopt but want to help donate towards their care — or donate to help us continue saving lives such as these — you can do so by clicking the Donate Now button and mentioning the Survivor Puppies in the dedication line. Even $10 helps.


AFTER: In the arms of Austin Pets Alive!, these puppies begin their journey to a better day.