Save the Calici Cats

by maryheerwald • Posted in: General

Photo credit: Bettie Cross, KEYE News

Austin Pets Alive! has received 29 cats from a hoarding case in Round Rock, where they lived with around 80 other animals. Because the shelter is so full right now, we brought them into an emergency set-up in our large conference room, expecting to get as many of them into foster or forever homes as soon as possible – but we instead discovered a Calicivirus outbreak.

All 29 cats have now been moved into quarantine in our Calici ward and will require time and resource-intensive medical attention and care.  Because Calicivirus vaccinations are considered part of the core vaccinations for kittens, this outbreak is likely a direct result of the hoarding situation in which they were living – and the cats unfortunately cannot be adopted or fostered out until they’ve beaten the virus.

Here’s how you can help: 

  • Because Calici is a highly contagious upper respiratory infection that is potentially deadly for cats, they will need consistent medical attention that will run as high as $10,000 – just for the immediate

    future. Please consider donating through the form below to help us save them! 

  • If you’re interested in adopting or fostering, now is the perfect time! We already have a completely full shelter and with these cats in our quarantine ward, we really need to free up some space and staff time. Head here to get started fostering or check out our adoptable cats to take home.