The Golden Girls of APA!

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Pets Needing Homes

They’re a little older, these canine ladies.  They carry themselves differently than the young pups.  Their faces are expressive in a different way.  These beautiful dogs have stories that we can only guess at.  What we do know for certain is that they are lovely.  Each one of these ladies is funny, unique, and deserving of a place to call home.  We are hoping that, if we treat them like the royalty they are, an adopter will come along who sees them that way too!

Lovely Libby, Dame of Boxerton!  Libby is absolutely beautiful and her eyes have a way of completely squishing your heart.  This royal dame arrived at the city shelter emaciated, terrified, missing some teeth, and yet still full of hope and tentative trust despite what seems like a life likely filled with hardship instead of the red carpets, adoring looks, and tasty treats she deserves. 

Libby loves her humans and has overcome her past with seeming ease and a kind of gruff grace.  She’s not some dainty little gal.  She’s a sparkly, affectionate, observant dog with a happy helicopter tail and a complete willingness to step into the life of love and adoration she so deserves.

Glowing Glory, Lady of Staffieshire!  It’s hard to even think about sweet Glory without giggling, much less sit here looking at a photo of her in a bejeweled headband with a dress draped around her neck.  This dog is incredible.  Her body bears the marks of a tough existence and she’s spent months at the shelter getting overlooked for adoption.  Yet Glory still has the happy innocence and silly exuberance of a puppy. 

She’s that awesome old lady a lot of us would like to become.  If she was a person, Glory would probably be dying her hair fire engine red and knocking back bourbon with her dinner.  She’s already shown us she’s got no problem tossing a wink at the younger male dogs and she is unabashedly full of cuddles, sloppy kisses, and happy go lucky curiosity. Glory’s adopter will be taking home nothing short of magic.


Ravishing Ramona, Duchess of Labberville!  Oh, Ramona.  There’s sometimes a tendency to joke a little about chocolate labs.  To maybe characterize them as a little cartoonish.  Ramona showed up at APA! to remind us all why they’re wonderful.  Ramona is a chubby, cocoa colored ray of sunshine.  She part waddles, part wiggles, part prances up to you and you’re smiling before she even gets there. 

Ramona loves the grass because it’s for rolling in.  She loves the sun because it’s warm on her fur and makes her happy and sleepy.  She loves treats because they’re tasty and you give them to her.  And she loves you just because you’re you and you’re there and it makes her feel happy.  Ramona is a lesson in living in the present and worrying less about the why and more about the happy.  What person wouldn’t like a silly, snuggly reminder like that in their life?

Adopting one of these lovely ladies is a gift that will bring something immeasurable and good into your life.  They are not roly poly puppies.  The truth is that they are much more than that.  They will come into your life with a presence and the ability to make you smile without even trying.  We hope you’ll roll out the red carpet and welcome home one of our beautiful, incredible golden girls!

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*Amazing photos by Summer Huggins.

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  1. bradsays: July 1, 2011 at 3:02 pm

    Congratulations Golden Girls!!!!.

    But we demand equal time.

    How about a feature on the Mature Males of APA?