Update: Billie Jean, Zaida, Willa & Reggie

by tarastermer • Posted in: Behavior

We heard today that our little Zaida is getting along great with her new foster pack and family! They absolutely adore her as we did!

Reggie, a little mix that was pulled from TLAC last week, went home with a foster to adopt yesterday. I am told he is the talk of the neighborhood! Everyone loves this charming little guy and he gets along fantastic with his “possible” new sister & the cat that lives there too!

Unfotunately for some sad news! Billie Jean was brought to TLAC today by the people who adopted her at our Lakeline site. They had told our adoption counselor that they had no other dogs, but according to their paperwork at TLAC they have 2 ALPHA females that did not get along with her. As we all know this was completely unfair to Billie! We have picked her up and brought her back to our pack, where she once again thrives emotionally and has stepped right back into play mode with everyone! Even Willa!

Yes Willa, our little pit we pulled who had some dog-dog aggression, is now completely integrated with the pack! She romps around with all the dogs and loves nothing more then to play every chance she can!

Tara, Brandie & the “pack”

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  1. cml575says: July 24, 2008 at 5:38 pm

    That’s terrible. Billy Jean was always so friendly to every dog at the shelter, even alpha females, that I’m sure she wasn’t the problem. We’ll keep pulling for this sweet, wonderful dog.