Update on Dobby

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Awareness/ PR, Donations, Fundraising

Dobby1 Dobby is a laid back and happy staffordshire terrier mix who had her most recent surgery in March 2013 to treat her injured and infected knee. Dobby is recovering in one of Austin Pets Alive!’s foster homes. According to Will McKinney, her foster dad, Dobby has made remarkable progress both physically & emotionally.

“Dobby has shown her resilience over the past year, she continues to get healthier and has learned to trust and love humans. She often walks right up to strangers with a wagging tail and wiggly butt, planting lots of kisses,” McKinney said. dobby4j

Despite her surgery, Dobby still has a long road back to full health. “I’ve been fostering her, helping to rehabilitate her infected knee after surgery, as well as help her through heartworm treatment, which has been pretty hard on her. Dobby also has a cruciate ligament tear in the other knee that still needs to be repaired. Because of her frequent nausea, we’re worried that she has stomach ulcers or a tear in her esophagus,” McKinney said.

Dobby’s spirit is strong and she is ready to continue on her way to a healthy and bright future! Can you help Dobby get back in action?

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