Update: Yana

by shoreyr • Posted in: Donations, Fundraising

On July 2nd, we told you about Yana, a 3 week old kitten so infested with parasites that she required a blood transfusion. When baby kittens are anemic, they are weak, don’t eat, their body temperatures are low, and they can fade very quickly. A blood transfusion delivers life-sustaining oxygen and nutrients to the body tissues and provides potentially life-saving replenishment of the lost blood volume, preventing circulatory collapse and death.

Here are the before & after pictures…

Yana getting her blood transfusion

Yana 48 hours after receiving new blood

This process WORKS. And it’s only done when absolutely necessary, but we can’t do it without donations to help us with the supplies to do so. Please contribute to help kittens like Yana.

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