Xander, & Willa

by tarastermer • Posted in: Behavior

Today Brandie & I have pulled 2 dogs from TLAC along with 14 others pulled by APA. The first is a 3 month old Puppy named Xander, a beautiful little male Shepard mix. He passed his assessment and loves the pack! He loves the water and jumped right into our doggie pool! He will be going to Emancipet tomorrow for his neuter and medical work up and will be picked up by our adoption coordinator and put in our off site adoption locations!  The 2nd is Willa, a 18 month old pit who absolutely adores people but has some issues toward the pack. She is full of scars, as though she too has been a bait dog. She will be staying with us until she is rehabilitated, and learns that not all dogs will hurt her! We will keep you posted on her progress.

Tara, Brandie & the pack!

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