Zorro (Mr. Z) is finally back in the arms of APA!

by jp1113 • Posted in: Rescue

After lots of TLC, Mr. Z is slowly beginning to make a recovery from the horrible burns he received when someone threw an acel

lerant on him. Mr. Z ventured back out into the world today! As his hind legs and abdomen are severely burned, he walks almost sideways and uses his tail as a rudder to keep his balance. Now that’s ingenuity! The burns are going to look worse before they look better, as there is a lot of area on his back, side and under his chin that will begin to peel off. It’s so sad – you can see the splash marks from where the fire licked up on his body. He also has what’s called a “cherry eye” – this occurred when the fire burned his cornea. A horribly painful injury that will likely require surgery. Nevertheless, Mr. Z is in fine spirits, all thing considered. He has a long road of recovery before him, but I’ve no doubt that with your support and prayers, he’ll make it through.

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