APA day at aDealio

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Fundraising

Update: We max’ed out our donations on aDealio and they’ll be sending us a check for $2,000! Thanks so much to all who participated, and especially to aDealio for their super-generous offer!

Free money for APA! Today, aDealio will donate $10 to APA whenever someone donates $5 to us. But if you’re opening a new account, you’ll get a $5 credit. There is a 10 cent service charge, but that 10 cents is all you’ll have to pay to make a $10 donation to APA.

If we can get 1,000 people to sign up and pay $5, we will raise $10,000.

Just sign up, which automatically gives you a $5 credit. Then go to pay for today’s deal (a donation to APA). There will be a link for you to use your credit. You will need to pay a 10 cent service fee.

(aDealio offers one great deal per day in Austin. If enough people on aDealio sign up for that deal, they’ll all get the deal. If not, no one gets it.)

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