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Austin Pets Alive! is launching the APA! Save A Life Donation Drive and we need you!

Adoptions are decreased this time of year, we have a large number of animals in our care (which raises medical costs), more people are experiencing crises with their pets, and donations are at an all time low.

We are facing downsizing the number of animals we save in an effort to cut costs. We DON’T want to stop saving lives so we are launching our first ever Donation Drive to get funds in the door. This will enable us to continue saving these incredible animals’ lives.

The overall Save A Life Donation Drive goal is $50,000. This money goes towards the medical costs (spay/neuter, vaccines, flea control, etc…) of the animals we pull from Town Lake Animal Center. Our rough estimate of cost per animal is $100. This does not include adoption costs, any special needs, equipment, etc… This drive will help pay the way for 500 animals. In order to save these 500 animals, it is essential that we get the donations raised and we need YOU to help.

We are using an online gadget called “Chip In” that allows people to donate towards a goal. The philosophy will be to divide and conquer. I am asking each volunteer, foster, board member, and supporter to use an individual Chip In to raise an amount you are comfortable with ($100-$10,000). This will be much like being sponsored in a marathon. We will also have a place on our website where we can see how we are doing as a group (coming soon). Our end date is 4 weeks from today or September 25th.

Please help us with this important goal. We are a group of amazing individuals. I have no doubt that each person can raise at least $100. If 500 of us raise $100, then we reach the goal. If 50 of us raise $1,000 then we are there even faster.

We can do this! Let’s show the city of Austin that we are determined and capable of surviving even in this tough economy! If there is one thing that APA! volunteers have proven, it is that they NEVER GIVE UP.

Here are the easy instructions:

1. Email us at email hidden; JavaScript is required and ask for a Chip In for the dollar amount you are hoping to raise. We will create it and send you the link. You do not need to sign up for Chip In- just use the link.  Here is an example link.

2. Draft an email letter to your friends and family explaining that you need help sponsoring x number of animals (each one costs $100) and that you are asking for their support. They can donate as little as $1 or as much as they like towards your personal goal. As the total rises, you can see a little meter that shows how close your are getting to your goal on your Chip In page.

3. Send the link with your personalized email out to your database (you can also put it on facebook or any other social networking site).

4. Once you meet your goal, your money will be used to save lives immediately!

Can’t raise funds from friends and family, but still want to contribute to the drive? You can chip in here:

Here’s the letter I wrote to my friends and family.  Feel free to use as a template.

Dear Friends,

As you may know I am a volunteer/supporter/foster for Austin Pets Alive! (APA!), a non-profit organization that is making great strides in helping Austin become a no-kill city. Just this past year, we’ve saved over 2,000 dogs and cats from impending euthanasia!

Since APA! is run almost exclusively by volunteers, it depends on generous donations to fund programs, supplies, and operational expenses. APA! provides animals in its program with food, shelter, medical care, and the promotion and matching necessary to find a forever family.

APA! is launching the Save A Life Donation Drive.  Everyone interested in helping APA! to meet the goal of saving 500 additional animals (or $50,000) is invited to use an online gadget called Chip In.  Each individual obtains sponsorship for a portion of that overall goal from friends and family.  It is very similar to a marathon pledge.

I am asking for your help so that I can save 10 lives!

In order to save these 10 lives, my personal goal is to raise $1,000by September 21, 2009. Please consider sponsoring me in any amount ($1-$1,000)by making a donation today at http://apa.chipin.com/ellens-apa-campaign.

All proceeds go directly to Austin Pets Alive! and are tax- deductible.

Thank you for caring for the forgotten.




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