Are You My Hero?

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Every cat and dog who comes into the Austin Pets Alive! family is looking for a forever home, and we are dedicated to finding each of these animals that perfect family where they can be safe, warm and loved.  Most of the time it’s fairly easy.  Our cats, dogs, kittens and puppies quickly wiggle into the heart of the right person.

However, some of them need something special.  They need more than just a family – they need a hero.  These animals have medical conditions which greatly shorten their lifespan, and without a special adopter, these pets will face a lifetime of medical clinics and time in our facility.  We want more for them.  We want them to live the full and rich life they have left.

Jacy, Java, and Jarvis came to APA as part of our bottle baby program.  They struggled to gain weight and fought every step of the way to get healthy.  Soon after arriving, the were diagnosed with Feline Leukiemia (FeLV), a highly contagious virus that impacts the immune system.  The prognosis for these wonderful kittens is 2-4 years. Because of the highly contagious nature of FeLV, these babies must be kept isolated from other cats.  This combined with the estimated lifespan means they are finding it hard to get adopted.  They are growing into wonderful bouncy little bundles of energy who don’t know how to live outside of a cage.

These babies need a hero.  They need someone to look past the prognosis.  Someone to look past the fact that they will die at a young age, Someone who thinks that a kitten deserves a chance to grow up surrounded by sunshine, to feel grass under paw, and to curl up next to a human at night and purr.

Are you their hero?

If you are interested in Jacy, Java, and Jarvis (or any of our other amazing FeLV cats – see list below to learn more about all of them), please contact email hidden; JavaScript is required to discuss options for adoption.  Our FeLV kittens are waiting for you.

We are also working on constructing an indoor/outdoor enclosure for our FeLV cats so that they can enjoy their time at Austin Pets Alive! as much as possible while they wait for their heroes.   Please consider donating here for this wonderful project.  Thank you!

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