August 2015 Volunteer of the Month: Marilyn Fowler

by Jen Cohen • Posted in: Volunteer of the Month, Volunteering

Thank you to August’s Volunteer of the Month, Marilyn Fowler. She was instrumental in organizing the recent “Baby Shower” for the Neonatal Kitten Ward.

This is what her peers have to say about her:

Marilyn Fowler

Marilyn displayed great leadership during planning stages and worked all day of the event to ensure that the Kitten Baby Shower was a success. And it was! The event raised over $1,800 plus a ton of supplies. This is a record amount. She also does so much more for the Neonatal Kitten Nursery. —Eva, Neonatal Volunteer

I worked with [Marilyn] organizing the bottle baby yearly fundraising event. Her tireless organizational efforts and leadership on the baby shower event netted a record $1,800 and mountains of supplies. It would not have turned out as the smooth-running, fun and wonderful event that it was without her leading the way. — Liz, Neonatal Volunteer

Marilyn was in charge of the team that recently held the Neonatal Ward’s annual “baby shower,” the first held at the new Tarrytown location. Marilyn’s leadership and organizational skills made the 2015 shower the most successful ever – $1,800 cash and mountains of donated supplies that will be so appreciated in the nursery, which is seeing a record number of kittens this year. Following the event, Marilyn led the compilation of feedback into a document that can be used to assist in the planning for future baby showers (compilation is packaged with decorations and leftover supplies in the storage room for next year). — Kirsten, Neonatal Volunteer

And here’s what she said when we got to know her a little better:

How did you get interested in volunteering at APA!?
After our last cat passed away my husband said “No more cats!” and I missed them terribly, so I thought I’d cure my longing by helping with APA! cats. (BTW, it only made me want to do more, and then bring them home!)

What are you most passionate about at APA!?
Being on time, not missing a shift, and doing what Casandra says. ;-)

What is your favorite thing to do at APA!?
Feeding the syringe-gruelies and telling them how wonderful they are, and what they’ll be when they grow up. Aspirations, you know.

What are some words of wisdom for new APA! volunteers?
Don’t expect this to be an easy job; ask, ask, ask, if you’re not sure what to do.

Do you have a favorite cat or kitten at APA!?
Ohhh…I have been in love with Superman since I met him.

What’s an interesting fact about you people may not know?
I was at Woodstock! Peace, sister.