BEEVET Animal Hospital comes through for Princess the Poodle

by Marketing • Posted in: Adoptions, Special Needs Pets


Princess is an 11.5 year old Poodle mix who came to us with some serious eye troubles amongst other ailments. She may be a little old lady, but she’s spunky and full of spirit so we needed to take care her after a long life of neglect. She came to us with matted fur and covered in fleas, after we cleaned her up we could see that she desperately needed to start getting eye medications and one of her eyes needed to be removed as soon as possible due to a mass on her inner eyelid. Luckily, our friends at BEEVET Animal Hospital offered to help with this complicated case. Removing her eye increased Princess’ adoptability and she was adopted almost immediately. We were able to send her off to her forever home with not only a clean bill of health but also an established relationship between Princess and a great Veterinarian.