Bottle Baby “F7” Litter

by shoreyr • Posted in: Foster, Volunteering

Meet the F7 kittens (clockwise from left): Felicity, Fruitloop, and Furball. These kittens were found strays taken to – and rescued from – the shelter on August 20th. They have been hanging out at our Bottle Baby Trailer, but are in need of a foster home for some good R&R, socialization, and room to roam.

The two boys and one girl are a month old, great eaters of both canned kitten food & kibble, and use the litterbox diligently. They are a little scared and sometimes would rather hide than greet you, but kittens this age socialize easily in a loving home with lots of toys and few places to hide (at least initially). In fact, our volunteer feeders have found that once held, they will melt in your hands and want to snuggle up at your neck. More pictures can be found here.

The foster commitment will be about 4 weeks until they weigh 2lbs. when they can be spayed/neutered & microchipped. Then they can be adopted!

To foster these or any of our Bottle Baby kittens, complete the online foster application. You can specify these “F7” kittens, any unweaned kittens (still taking a bottle), or you can specify that you prefer weaned kittens.

You can also donate to our Bottle Baby Program, which will ensure our kittens have formula, bottles, kitten food, baby wipes, and anything else to help them while they grow.

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  1. Liamsays: August 25, 2010 at 11:25 am

    My Athena was a bottle-baby Siamese like these ones. She’s given me enormous joy, and it’s all thanks to her APA! foster parents. Fostering really does make a difference in both feline and human lives.