Bottle Baby Progress report for July 2010

by shoreyr • Posted in: Adoptions, Foster, Volunteering

It’s with continued amazement that I share the statistics for the Bottle Baby Program for the month of July.

Since January, we have cared for 510 kittens in the Bottle Baby Trailer (BBT). Some have only passed through briefly on their way to foster, and some have stayed a bit longer to recover from illness while we find the perfect foster placement.

  • It’s a good guess at any of our adoption events that just over half of the kitties available got their start with Austin Pets Alive! as a Bottle Baby.
  • The survival rate of these youngest kittens has gone up to 92%, due in large part to the wonderful medical care our kitties receive, but it’s also a result of the tender loving care provided by our foster homes.
  • And, the best news of all: 206 of our kittens have already been adopted!

(Featured in the photo above is “Jacob” from our J4 litter, now named Toby, with his new big sister, Elle – photo courtesy of his new mom, Marisa Pryor).

For every kitten that goes to foster, we have room for another at the BBT. And for every kitten adopted, we have room in APA! for another from the shelter. If you would like to volunteer to help save kittens in a variety of ways, complete the volunteer application. If you are interested in fostering any of our kitties, the online foster application is the first step.

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