Cissy: Stunning survivor will steal your heart!

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Pets Needing Homes

Cissy is a two-time survivor. She was plucked out of Town Lake Animal Shelter with only one day to live. She left TLAC emaciated and with a respiratory infection that almost took her life a second time. Despite this, Cissy is one of the warmest dogs you could ever encounter. I say dogs; I should say hearts.

Cissy loves to cuddle–in a chair or in bed. If you are napping, she will run over and join you. If she is playing and catches sight of you, her warm heart will overcome her and she will run over to kiss and snuggle with you. She has an adorable soft snore that causes her cheeks to flutter. Love her up, and she will wag her tail and smile, and give that love right back.

With her soft tan face, centered white stripe, deep cocoa eyes and pearl white throat Cissy is a stunning beauty.  You can’t help but marvel at her short bronze coat that doesn’t shed and adorable crinkled ears. Is there such a thing as dog eyeliner? If so, she has it. And a beauty mark to boot. She is muscular, and agile, with a natural athletic build.

But Cissy is more than just great looks and a loving heart – she’s also an extraordinarily playful dog. She loves squeaky toys and sandals; she loves tugs-of-war. She is a collector and will find things, be they chew toys, sticks, or pillows, and will create a nest around them. She has chosen one pillow as her favorite, and that’s where she takes her naps.

Cissy loves to play, with squeaky toys and sandals, with rawhide chew toys, and with other dogs. She chases butterflies and other bugs: in fact, she is very active and will play with almost anything. But she will also sit quietly if needed–for cookies and food, which she eats at the speed of sound–but primarily just to cuddle. She will give you everything for affection.

She can mix with anyone–chill out, sit under your desk when you are working, lay down beside you for a nap.  She is affectionate, loves to eat, is generous, loves attention, has a happy spirit, loves to eat, is hilarious and goofy, loves to eat, is muscular and agile, loves to perform (and eat), is athletic and smart and, oh yes, she loves to eat.

This darling has overcome two sets of odds that would have beat most of us, yet she is one of the most affectionate and happy creatures you’ll ever meet.  Like many who have beat the odds in life, Cissy has an even greater appreciation for everything around her and has a gratitude and affection for people that is unmatched. 

Come meet Cissy today – she’ll jump right up to meet you.  But watch out, this stunning survivor will steal your heart!

Photography by Chloe Pix Photography and Scarlett Blue Photography.

3 Responses to "Cissy: Stunning survivor will steal your heart!"

  1. bradsays: August 24, 2010 at 11:15 am

    She will definetly steal your heart. I have the blessing of picking her up and transporting her to the hike and bike trail site on Saturday and Sunday mornings. She has come to the trail site the past two weekends. She loves jumping into Lady Bird Lake and laying down in the water to cool off. Also, when she jumps in the car she wants to sit in your lap and give you kisses. (of course we don’t let her sit in the lap while driving the car—but if she could she would).

    I challenge you to go out to her adoption site and walk her. Look into her eyes. You will make an immediate connection with Cissy. Let’s find her forever home. She is waiting to fall in love with her new owner.

  2. HHsays: August 24, 2010 at 2:25 pm

    What size is she? Hard to tell from the pix.

  3. Courtenaysays: August 25, 2010 at 7:31 pm

    Hi HH,
    I don’t know Cissy’s exact weight but I would guess about 60 pounds – she went from being emaciated with her ribs showing through when we got her to a healthy, enchanting, muscluar dog today.