Day 3 with the barker’s dozen

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Foster, Rescue

Momma dog and all 12 pups are still doing great. Night 3 was a good night for all. Momma is continuing to feed the Runt by herself and she seems to be thriving. The rest of the gang is doing great also. Everyone has open eyes and they are moving around quite well. Pretty soon they’ll be climbing out of the baby pool they currently call home! We already had to trade in the baby pool we have used for all of our prior foster litters for a much bigger one. Everyone is also starting to find their voices. Adorable little puppy barks and the occasional growl come from baby pool, which we affectionately call the “puppy pit”.

We think we are going to call Mom Maggie. It was a suggestion Ellen made in a comment here and we love it!  It seems to fit her. She went on a short stroll yesterday and got to spend some QT with us in the backyard this AM as we picked up poop. Fun for everyone!!! She is very sweet and social. Grace is going on a trial adoption today. We have high hopes that this will work out to be her fabulous forever family. Over the weekend Maggie will get to spend some more time with us hanging out . Grace can be a bit of a grouch around other dogs – so Maggie is kinda stuck with the pups until Grace goes on this trial. Maggie is eating a ton! But she has quite the girlish figure so she can handle all those calories.

We have to go give all the pups a mini-pedicure, or a puppycure, as we like to call it. All those sharp baby nails are tough on Maggie. Trimming all those nails will be tough on us. Wish us luck!

Sleepy puppy

Sleepy puppy

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