Help #SaveSnoop

by maryheerwald • Posted in: General

*UPDATE – Monday, August 7th*

While we were hoping to be able to share good news of Snoop with you this Monday, we’re heartbroken to have to let you know that, despite our best efforts and the truly incredible support he received from all of you, Snoop has passed away.

When Snoop first arrived at APA!, he was immediately hospitalized in the ICU and received the highest level of care. From IV fluids to manual bladder expression, Snoop was given round the clock treatment for his burns and medical complications. Even after he improved enough to be moved into a medical foster home, Snoop returned to APA! for daily check-ins, and continued to receive fluids and medications. His skin was noticeably beginning to heal, and he was comfortable and eating well in foster.

On Friday, we discovered that Snoop, in addition to the burns to his face and ears, had a sacral fracture (a bone in the lower back, between his hips), that our APA! Clinic was ready to treat once he improved a little bit more. In the middle of the night over the weekend, Snoop began to fade. His body temperature fell and he became unresponsive. Throughout the night, Snoop was monitored by an APA! veterinarian and by an experienced medical foster, following the prescribed protocols. Unfortunately, even despite these efforts, Snoop passed early the next morning. After his passing, we learned that he also suffered from feline panleukopenia – a disease we could have treated, had he not been suffering from so many other complications.

When we first sent out our plea for Snoop, we were met yet again with an outpouring of generosity and support from our community, and we want to thank you from the depths of our hearts. We had hoped that, barring any unforeseen complications, Snoop would continue to improve. While we cannot say what one thing ultimately led to his passing, the sheer amount of injuries and medical complications that Snoop had proved insurmountable for him.

It is only thanks to you and the APA! community that we can work to save Austin’s most vulnerable animals. Your support will continue to give a chance at living to those who need it most. Snoop’s survivor spirit will live on within all the animals we can save with the help of your charitable donations, and we are forever grateful for your tremendous support.

Meet Snoop, a 2-year-old Siamese cat who arrived at the APA! Clinic in dire need of help. Fortunately, this boy is a true fighter with a kind, laid-back personality, especially considering everything he’s been through. Please note: the images on this post are graphic and may be too difficult for some to see.

The Who, What and How: A good Samaritan found Snoop in Lockhart with severe burns and emaciation and dangerously close to losing his life. He was transferred to APA! for critical medical attention. It appears that he had been living in this condition – with burns so bad that the skin on his head has turned gangrenous – for around two weeks, suffering by himself. We do not have information on how he was burned, so cannot say whether it was accidental or involved foul play.

The Status on Snoop: Upon his arrival at APA! and in addition to his traumatic facial and body burns, Snoop had a temperature of 90.9 degrees, which signals hypothermia for cats. He was as emaciated as we’ve ever seen and was also badly dehydrated. He had a completely raw undercarriage due to urine and diarrhea scalding. Because of his precarious state, he currently needs manual expression.

The burns on Snoop’s head make it probable that he will lose his ears.


So, what’s the good news? Snoop is improving. And he will continue to improve with the level of care he’s receiving, barring any unforeseen complications. Under the dying skin on his head, we’re seeing new, healing skin take its place. While he initially had to be fed by syringe and had no appetite, he now eats by himself! And Snoop even crawled up in his medical foster’s lap for a snuggle this morning. He purrs loudly and loves under-chin scratches. He’s showing affection, and he’s showing will.

We’re committed to helping this stunning boy make it through his recovery. And we could really use your help.

We’re currently providing intensive care to Snoop, and he will require at least a full month of continued in-depth medical support. We are estimating the costs of his hospitalization, medicine, possible surgeries for eyes and debriding, and ongoing medical attention at around $5,000. If you are able and willing to donate to help us #SaveSnoop, please click below. Your donation will help an animal in deep need.