Introducing APA! Playgroups Streamed Live!

by Kristina • Posted in: Behavior, Partnerships

Remember a couple of months ago when we announced that APA! dogs were doing playgroups every day?  Well for those of you who haven’t yet come out to see it in action, now is your chance to watch from home!  Thanks to our amazing sponsor, Austin Subaru, APA! playgroups are now streamed live – click here to watch this morning’s session.

Playgroups were started at APA! by our dog behavior manager, Mike Kaviani, in order to reduce shelter-induced stress in our adoptable pups.  It’s so easy for stress to spiral out of control for dogs in shelters, but playgroups have curbed that stress and we now have calmer, happier dogs.

Our next live playgroup will be Friday September 7th at 8:30am.  To tune in,  visit our livestream homepage and start following our channel.  For now, we will be streaming live every Friday at 8:30am.  As our behavior program continues to evolve (and our dogs adjust to being in the limelight), we will add more live dates.

A huge thank you goes out to Austin Subaru for making this innovative feature possible.  Being able to watch these playgroups not only provides an inside peek at our dogs’ daily lives, but is an opportunity to learn more about our dog behavior program overall.