Looking Ahead: Helping Adam Find His Forever Home

by SummerHuggins • Posted in: Behavior, Volunteering

We’d like you to meet Adam. He’s new to Austin Pets Alive!, and we see great potential in his eyes.

Adam was dropped off by his owner recently at the city shelter. He was an outside dog, and he had found a way to get out of his yard and wander the neighborhood with his sister, Eve. It seems his owner was simply tired of dealing with them. We’d love to ask Adam where he was going when he would get out of his yard: Was he looking for someone to pet his handsome head? Some yummy treats perhaps? Maybe he was just looking for a welcoming home with some nice air conditioning.

When we met Adam and Eve at the city shelter, we knew they’d be great additions to APA! Just look at Adam’s handsome face! Unfortunately, since Adam was an outside dog, he never had the chance to learn many of the doggie manners that other dogs his age do. That’s where our awesome volunteers are stepping in to help!

Adam is a bit nervous sometimes, more than Eve is, so we’re working to build his confidence by teaching him his doggie manners along with some basic obedience. He’s going to be working on walking politely on a leash, basic commands like “sit” and “stay”, and maybe he’ll even learn a fancy trick or two along the way.

Adam will be meeting lots of new people who will help him learn all of these things. We already know that he loves all-beef hotdogs, so this will come in handy has he learns. Making new friends and eating hotdogs. That doesn’t sound so bad at all!

How can you help dogs like Adam?

The volunteers who work with dogs like Adam learn the skills that they need to do so right here at APA! through a special set of classes. These dogs may not be the easiest to work with at first, but it’s incredible rewarding to watch them learn and thrive. Being a part of Adam’s story will be so fulfilling for all of the volunteers who help him along the path to his forever home. If you’d like to become a volunteer, simply sign up for our next orientation to get started.

If working hands-on with dogs like Adam who need more special training and work isn’t your thing, your support of supplies and your financial support are greatly appreciated. With your help, we’re able to pay for training, professional evaluations, scholarships, dog-handling equipment, enrichment toys, and whatever else our pooches might need.

If you have experience with dogs like Adam and enjoy going to training classes with them as they learn basic obedience skills and manners, your home might be perfect for him. He needs patience, love, attention, consistency, understanding and air conditioning. The air conditioning is very important.

We’ll be following Adam as he masters his basic commands, makes new friends and finds his way to his perfect home. We’ll keep you updated here. We think he’s going to show you some great things.